You’re in for a sweet treat today. For this episode of “OC Vibes,” we’re here at Luisa Chocolatiere to show you how happiness is something you can eat at this magical place. This is one chocolate factory you don’t need a golden ticket to get inside of.

Luisa has an amazing story. To keep it simple: She was born in Mexico, moved to California, worked as an accountant, and eventually became a French-trained chocolatier. She studied under a master chocolatier in Paris after culinary school and learned how to handle chocolate in many different ways.

“Luisa specializes in custom work and has a collection of over 1,700 molds.”

Luisa originally started doing wedding favors for brides. From there, it went to corporate favors, then to holiday chocolates for Christmas, Passover (their chocolate is kosher), Valentine’s Day, and more.

Luisa specializes in custom work and has a collection of over 1,700 molds. All of their chocolate is unique, handmade, and absolutely delicious. They only use pure American chocolate.

This art is going out of fashion around the world, but Luisa is keeping it alive. They’re located right in Laguna Hills at 26491 Cabot Road, Suite #106, and you can even order online at

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